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I host my needle felting workshops in my cozy little detached sunroom which overlooks over my gardens with Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant as the backdrop. The space is private, bright, and inspiring to work in. The fire will be on during the cold months, while in summer we enjoy a great lake breeze. There is room for four plus myself at my table, which I find is a good number for instruction. These small class sizes are comfortable for people and create a nice group for conversation, ..or quiet crafting.

I provide light beverages, tea, coffee on request, hot cider at Christmas, sometimes a nice brut to end the afternoon with whatever cookies, tarts, or treats Oliver and I have baked up recently. (I love baking almost as much as felting and gardening.) I’ve always enjoyed hosting dinners and parties, making these workshops like hosting an afternoon tea – with a fine fibre art.

I’ve reserved Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings for workshops and availability. Most session run from 12:00 noon through 4:00pm. For most of my projects and kits this is enough time to complete, or nearly complete one sculpture. (Birds with wings may take longer due to the delicate work to felt the wings.) I believe that you’ll leave with the confidence to finish any project and continue to make more with the wool provided in your kit.

Upcoming Workshops

To register for these workshops, please contact me or through Facebook or Instagram message.

Needle Felted Nests with Eggs and Robin


Sunday, March 19  12:00 noon – 4:00pm

We’ll be using this sweet nest with eggs kit in the workshop. You’ll also receive an extra wool kit to make two felted robins. The bird is an in-class project that we will work on together. I’ll guide you step by step through the process I use to create my needle felted birds. You’ll learn about felting needles, different wool and fibres, and techniques and tips for felting with super fine wool. The nest with egg kit includes your foam work surface, three felting needles, and leather finger protectors along with wool and instructions to make multiple nests with eggs.

(This nest and eggs kit is available at any time for $45.00.)


Needle Felted Dragonfly 


Sunday, April 23  12:00 noon – 5:00pm

work in progress on a large dragonfly

This is an advanced project that requires some skill with armature and patience for delicate felting work. That said, I do believe a beginner who is wanting to learn can do this and I’m here to help.

In this workshop we will create beautiful dragonflies that can either be perched on a branch or hanging to become stunning mobiles. You’ll be provided with the materials to make either one large dragonfly or two smaller dragonflies. We will use armature wire wrapped in wool to design wings, IMG_3510and wool in natural colours blended to create whimsical shades to swirl around the body.

Your kit will include a foam work surface, a variety pack of felting needles and a bonus extra fine needle for delicate work, and leather finger protectors. White wool will be provided for your dragonfly’s wings, and you will choose your own colours for your dragonfly’s body.

Fine felting needles will be used for this delicate work. We will go over needle felting techniques to create smooth surfaces design in the wool. Beads will be provided to decorate the dragonfly’s eyes, wings, along the body to catch the light.


Needle Felted Tulips (and other flowers)

$95.00IMG_8412 (1)

Two dates to choose from:

Thursday, May 18



Sunday, May 21

12:00noon – 4:00pm

IMG_8642 (1)

This fun felting workshop will include a tulip tour of my garden, which has over 600 bulbs blooming in spring. We’ll use these blooms as inspiration as we felt petals and leaves. Armature wire will be used to create sturdy stems. Your felted flowers will last all year!

You’ll be provided with a kit including a foam work surface, a variety pack of felting needles and a bonus extra fine needle for delicate work, and leather finger protectors. You’ll receive two ounces of 21.5 micron super fine merino wool to create a bouquet to blooms with.


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