In the shop: wool roving in every colour of the rainbow: merino top, corriedale, English leicester, wensleydale, alpaca, mohair, silks, roving braids, silk blends, cashmere as well as local mohair and alpaca.


Felting needles, foam work surfaces, and leather finger protectors are also available.

feltingneedles_basicshapes2Felting needles come in three basic shapes: spiral, star, and triangle

The number of barbs on felting needles varies: the more barbs the quicker the felting, while less barbs will give you more accuracy in fine detail work.

The gauge refers to the diameter, the higher the number the finer the needle.


Star felting needles have barbs on four sides.

36 gauge – used with coarse wool for joining, firming, and sculpting

38 gauge – much like the 36 but used with fine wool, and for more detail – generl use needle, good for both larger sculpting and fine details

Spiral (Twisted) felting needles have barbs that wrap around the needle.

38 and 40 gauge – for finishing work, best for smoothing the surface, a quick felting needle

Triangular felting needles have barbs on three sides.

32 gauge – sturdy needle good for working with coarse fibres and firmly attaching pieces

36 gauge – used for attaching pieces and working in larger pieces, or attaching parts

38 gauge – for sculpting and detail work, use with finer wool (not good with coarse fibres)

40 gauge – a fine needle for detail work and surface smoothing

42 gauge – a super fine needle used for adding fine pieces of wool (wisps, hair, lettering, decoration)