A Felted Garden

In May I will offering a couple of needle felting workshops while my tulip garden is in full bloom. A couple years ago I planted over 600 bulbs in the garden beds surrounding our house. They bloomed spectacularly last year and I’m anxiously hoping for a repeat this year.


In Finn’s garden ‘White Clouds’ tulips give way to ‘Blue Amiable’ then to giant purple alliums with Mother of Thyme blanketing the bed. Under my oak tree (a tree I often focus on when taking time to breathe and visualize during yoga) a rainbow of tulips circles the trunk in mixed varieties of blue, purple, pink, red, orange, apricot and yellow – some tall and slim, others short and full, with delicate lily flowering ones too.

A bold patch of tall orange tulips stand at a south-east corner of a bed that surrounds the house, with four different purple tulips varieties in groups near the doors. (My mother would be very disapproving of the number of purple flowers in my garden.) My favourite patch of tulips is a yellow/pink lily flowering sweetheart called ‘Elegant Lady’ that I have planted on the south side of our house near Oliver’s playset.

For years I’ve loved photographing my garden and playing around with macro lenses and light. I didn’t think I could find anything better to photograph – or blog about- until I discovered wool. Better yet: gardens and wool together. The complimentary colours and textures come together so well in every photo, each inspiring me to make something or plant something. It’s all beautiful to work with – whether it’s with my hands and needles or with a lens.

IMG_8412 (1)

I’m feeling somewhat determined to felt one of each of my tulips so that I’ll have a complete set forever. Tulips are a simple felting project, though creating a thin, smooth petal takes time and a little patience. I wrap armature wire in wool for the stem, and blend shades of green wool for the leaves.

While I’m felting my tulips it will be fun to share my enthusiasm for tulip gardening and felting with others. There’s no reason to stop at tulips either. I hope to felt all kinds of flowers this year as they bloom in #amysgardentbay. IMG_8638

I’ll be creating Facebook events for the two following dates, so stay tuned there for more information!

Needle Felted Tulips (and other flowers)
Two dates to choose from:

Thursday, May 18



Sunday, May 21

12:00noon – 4:00pm

We will tour my tulip garden and use the blooms as inspiration as we felt petals and leaves in the sunroom overlooking the garden.

You’ll be provided with a kit including a foam work surface, a variety pack of felting needles with a bonus extra fine needle for delicate work, and leather finger protectors. You’ll receive two ounces of 21.5 micron super fine merino wool to create a bouquet to blooms with. Our work table will have lots of extra wool to experiment with, different fibres, beads, and thread to embellish your blooms if you wish.

To register, contact me by email amyvervoort@me.com or by Facebook or Instagram message.