Workshops at Olives and Bananas are taught by various instructors. Each brings a new approach, background, and special talent to the table. All ages are welcome to any workshop. Each workshop will include most materials with advance notice if any extra items are required.

Knitting workshops will cover everything from beginner to advanced, including sock making, mittens, Fair Isle (stranded) knitting, seasonal projects, and doll making.

Crochet workshops will specialize in amigurumi and doll making, and will also cover beginner basics to speciality stitches, seasonal crafts, and blanket squares and hexagons.

Needle felting workshops include projects such as birds (chickadees, robins, hummingbirds, owls, and nests), felt your own pet, create a felted sculpture of your child’s artwork, foxes, seasonal decorations, mobile making, wreaths, soaps, and felted reproductions of your favourite characters.

Upcoming Workshops 


Wonderful Wool

Saturday June 23IMG_1156

10:30am – 1:00pm

Instructor: Jen Huhta of Roses & Purls

Price: $80 including materials and provide small samples.

Even non-spinners know that most yarn is made of wool, and that it comes from sheep. But did you know just how many types of sheep there are? Or how many ways you can prepare their fibre, and how it affects the final yarn? Have you ever wondered what’s involved in taking wool from the sheep to the sweater?

Join Jen from Roses & Purls for a hands-on class exploring wool in all its glory. We’ll explore the difference between long, fine, and medium wool classes by handling examining washed fibre samples of each. You’ll learn the different characteristics of each class, how they’re best spun, and what they’re best used for.

Wonder what the difference is between top, roving, batts, and rolags? We’ll talk about the different ways wool is prepared for spinning (from the lock, carded, and combed) and examine samples of each. We’ll discuss how the type of fibre preparation affects your choice of spinning technique and the finished yarn.

Curious about “spinning in the grease?” Find out what it is (and what it isn’t), why you might want to try it, and what the benefits are.

And of course, want to know how to get your hands on all of these fibre types? I’ll share my tips on how not to get fleeced buying spinning fibre.

Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate

Equipment needed: spindle or spinning wheel that you are comfortable using

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Art Journal MakingArtJournal4

with internationally published artist Yvette St. Amant

Thursday, June 28th 

5:30pm -8:30pm


This workshop is designed for all who have an interest in journaling, from art, travel, family events, whatever it may be, or who simply want to come out and enjoy learning a new skill in a fun and creative environment.

Learn the basic art of bookbinding in this one of a kind workshop with special guest, and native to Thunder Bay, International Published artist Yvette St. Amant. She brings her knowledge and techniques of basic book construction & art journaling, learned by fellow artist, and Master Book Binder, Robyn McClendon @ Rarebirds.

Creatively engage in the construction of two different journals using the technique of the three hole pamphlet stitch. The first journal kit is an assemblage of pre-cut papers, cover, and delicious embellishments to fill the pages of your unique little pamphlet style journal with accordion insert. Second is the Tinker Journal, an inspired creation by Yvette which incorporates clips, pouches, and secret compartments creatively constructed from odds and ends, and brown paper bags, a place to tuck away all your eclectic treasures, from art and crafting supplies, notes, coupons, and more.

Once the technical book construction is complete the party begins when all the journaling goodies are made available for you to adorn and customize your art journals. All supplies and embellishments are included.

If you have your own awl, and/or bone folder you may bring to the class, but it is not necessary as we will have some available for use. You are also welcome to bring your own scrapbooking paper or journal goodies of your choice if you like a particular style, however all supplies will be provided.ArtJournal1

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Needle Felted FlowersIMG_3498

Thursday, June 14th (full)

Two dates added:

*Wednesday, June 20 (just two spaces left!)


*Thursday, July 12 (open)

5:30pm -8:30pm

$80.00 +HST supplies included

Welcome summer with simple felted flowers. This introductory needle felting workshop will give you the skills to create your favourite flowers using wool roving. You’ll learn how to blend colours of roving to give texture to your blooms, and how to felt freestyle shapes for a more natural look. Make floral appliques for hats, sweaters, purses, or shawls. We will also create a flower on an armateur stem with foliage that could be used in a bouquet as decor, for weddings, and gifts.

This workshop is filled up quickly! A second session is set for Wednesday, June 20th 5:30-8:30 with just a little room left.

Another session is now set for Thursday, July 12 5:30-8:30

Thanks everyone!

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Beginner KnittingIMG_5573 (1)

Coming again in August!

$50.00 + HST plus materials (needles $10.95-$18.95 depending on your choice, simple cotton wool $4.95)

Instructor: Tiffany Miller

Learn to knit! This beginner knitting workshop will introduce you to the fundamental stitch techniques: knit and purl. Once underway, you’ll learn about casting on and off, using a teaching method proven to help you grasp the art of knitting. Tiffany offers in shop tutorials and email consults between classes to help you stay on track.

Needle Felted Chickadee

Wednesday, July 18IMG_3844

5:30pm – 8:00pm

Price: $80.00 + HST materials included

Instructor: Amy Vervoort

Needle felting is a dry felting technique using a single barbed needle pierced into wool roving, catching the fibres and matting them together. Sculptures can be created by shaping the wool and felting it in place. In this class you’ll receive a full felting kit with a foam work surface, felting needles, leather finger protectors, beads, needles and thread for eyes, and enough wool to make two life sized birds (or multiple smaller ones). You’ll learn felting techniques to create both a round shape and a flat wing. We’ll discussing turning your bird into a mobile or an ornament, and using elements of nature (dry branches, driftwood, moss) to create to add to your project.

No experience necessary, all ages welcome.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Coming up at Olives and Bananas:

Beginner crochet (easy cowl)

Beginner crochet (hat)

Beginner crochet (amigurumi)

Needle felted pumpkins

Needle felted Christmas ornaments

Sock knitting

Mitten knitting (a few different classes & patterns)

Yoga for stitchers!


Adult Build a Spindle and Learn to Spin

Price: $65.00 + HST including materials

Build a top whorl drop spindle and learn to spin on it!
Join Jen from Roses & Purls and build your own top whorl drop spindle, then learn how to use it to turn fibre into yarn! The spindle is yours to keep and use after the class to continue your spinning adventure. This is a great, budget-friendly way to learn a new craft.

Students will learn:
-how twist adds strength to fibre and transforms it into yarn
-categories and types of fibre and how to choose fibres for spinning, including examples to see and feel
-how to spin a single and ply a worsted 2 and 3 ply yarn, and what to do if you don’t want to ply!
-how to control the thickness of your yarns
-how to set and care for your yarns
-ideas for projects to make with your first yarns

Experience level: beginner (no experience necessary)

Sock Knitting

April 7th, 14th & 21st

10:30am – 1:00pm

Instructor: Margaret Duncan

$65.00 +HST plus materials (needles and yarn sets available Olives and Bananas)

Learn to make your own hand knit socks and discover what is so addictive about sock knitting! Turning heals and grafting toes will no longer be a mystery. Your basic knitting skills will improve and allow you to challenge yourself with more advanced patterns.

Cable Knitting

May 12th, 2018

10:30am – 1:00pm

Instructor: Margaret Duncan

$40.00 +HST plus materials (Prices can vary by your choice, as you’re welcome to choose a different worsted weight wool in the shop. For this class Marg has chosen Cascade 220 Heathers ($12.95).

You’re welcome to bring your own needles, or purchase them at the shop: cable needles $3.95-$9.95, 4/4.5mm needles (straight or dpn) $12.98-$21.95 approximately)

Learn to create beautiful cables in your knitted projects. This simple introduction to cable knitting with have students create a fingerless glove with a cable, and encourage you to advance your knitting skills and pattern comprehension. Margaret has lined up a few projects at various skill levels for those interested in forwarding their experience.

Locks Unlocked

IMG_7288 (2)

Saturday, March 24th 10:00am-1:00pm

Instructor: Jennifer Huhta

Experience level: novice/intermediate to advanced

Jump into the exciting world of working with locks! In this course you will learn to:

-spin a variety of traditional and textured yarns directly from the lock (lock spun, tail spun, from the cloud, extreme tailspun, coreless core)

  • learn how to modify the yarns by plying
  • gather ideas on what to make with textured yarns and how to work with them
  • learn tips on how to source, buy, wash, and separate locks

Equipment needed:

  • spinning wheel
  • jumbo or art flyer if you have it (you can do most of the course without it but parts will be difficult)
  • spare bobbins
  • lazy kate


Be comfortable spinning and plying on your wheel.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Adventures in Stash Diving

Rescheduled – date TBA

Instructor:Jennifer Huhta

$80.00 materials included

Experience level: novice to advanced

Did you make a resolution to “spin the bin” or “shop your stash?”

Dive into a fibre stash provided by Olives and Bananas, and learn how to combine seemingly mismatched fibre to create cohesive yarns in order to maximize your own fibre stash and create enough yarn to complete larger projects.

Whether it’s those single braids of beautiful hand painted top we seem to collect, bits and pieces left over from projects, or fibre where the colours just aren’t quite right, you’ll learn techniques to use what you have to create a set of complimentary yarns with enough combined yardage to create a weaving, knitting, or crochet project. The techniques learned will help you shop your own stash to create spinning projects with enough yardage for sweaters, large shawls etc. You will also learn how to ply from a centre pull ball and a plying bracelet, perfect for sampling your spinning.

Equipment needed:

  • Wheel or spindle any style

Optional equipment:

  • hand cards, combs, and/or blending board
  • additional bobbins and lazy kate


You should know how to use your equipment to spin fibre into a single and ply two singles together.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Build Your Own Spindle and Learn to Spin ~ for Children (and parents too!)

To be offered again soon!IMG_1154

Build a top whorl drop spindle and learn to spin! (For children)

$60.00+HST materials included

Join us and learn how to build your own drop spindle, then use it to turn fibre into yarn!
Students will learn:

  • what spinning is and what yarn is used for
  • how twist adds strength to fibre and transforms it into yarn
  • where fibre comes from, and see and touch a variety of fibres used to create yarn.

Students will build a basic spindle from the materials supplied and will use it to create a single ply yarn.

Experience level: beginner
Prerequisites: none
Equipment needed:none
Limited to 4-6 students; parents may attend with their child to observe.
Please notify instructors of any allergies prior to class.

Introduction to Lacework

$60.00 + HST & MaterialsIMG_7222

Saturday March 3, March 17th, March 31st, 2018 from 10:30am to 12noon

With tutoring on March 10th and 24th, 2018 from 1pm to 3pm.

Instructor: Tiffany Miller

Project: Hanami Stole by Melaine Gibbons

Techniques used: Knit, purl, ssk, knit 2 tog, gauge s
watching, beaded cast on, adding beads with a crochet hook, how to read a chart.

Materials Needed:
Pattern: – $6.99USD
● 840 yards of fingering from Olives and Bananas Fibre Art (kits available)
● 3.75mm – 12” straights or 30 – 32” circulars
● A yarn needle
Optional Materials
● Size 8 glass beads
● Small crochet hook for adding on beads

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