IMG_9508Workshops at Olives and Bananas are taught by various instructors. Each brings a new approach, background, and special talent to the table. All ages are welcome to any workshop. Each workshop will include most materials with advance notice if any extra items are required.

Knitting workshops cover everything from beginner to advanced, including sock making, mittens, Fair Isle (stranded) knitting, seasonal projects, and doll making. We also offer stitch-a-long projects for a more relaxed get-together style.

Crochet workshops also cover beginner basics to speciality stitches, seasonal crafts, and blanket squares and hexagons.

Amigurumi and doll making is also an option in both crochet and knitting. These are special classes that often turn into knit/crochet along projects as they take time to complete.

Needle felting workshops include projects such as birds (chickadees, robins, hummingbirds, owls, and nests), felt your own pet, create a felted sculpture of your child’s artwork, foxes, seasonal decorations, mobile making, wreaths, soaps, and felted reproductions of your favourite characters. Because needle felting is a slow process and one that requires more imagination than technical skill, we’ve designed felting workshops as drop in style, allowing each of you to find the right project for you, with guided instruction along the way.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Upcoming Workshops 

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Contact the shop for more information about any of these classes or project groups.

Two day class are always $60.00+hst plus materials.

One day classes are $30.00+hst plus materials.

We ask that you purchase your yarn from Olives and Bananas Wool Shop. You’re always welcome to bring your own needles or hooks. If you don’t have the right tools, we can set you up with those too.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358

Drop In Needle Felting

Free (other than the cost of supplies)

Every Wednesday Afternoon 

1:00pm – 4:00pm 

Learn to needle felt!
First timers can expect to spend around $30.00 on start up tools and wool.
The tools: foam work surface, leather finger protectors, felting needles.
Needle felting is a dry felting technique using a single barbed needle pierced into wool roving, catching the micro fibres and binding them together. Sculptures can be created by shaping the wool and felting it in place.
These drop in sessions are designed to introduce you to needle felting. Various kits are available at the shop, some with all the tools and supplies, other just wool and needles. Bring your own tools if you have them!

Drop In Knitting & Crochet

Free (other than the cost of supplies)

Every Friday Afternoon 

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Drop in with your knitting projects and join us for an afternoon of knitting and crochet. This is a good opportunity to ask for help from a variety of sources. By helping each other we all learn.


Basic Sock Knitting

Sundays, March 15th and 22nd 12-4pm

$60.00 + HST + materials

Instructor: Tiffany Miller 

Learn to knit socks!! Join Tiffany to learn all  you need to know about sock knitting.  Learn about various cast on styles and how to bind off with the kitchener stitch, turn a heal, and measure properly for the right fit.

Beginner Knitting

Sundays, March 2th and April 5th 12-4pm

$60.00 + HST + materials

Instructor: Kathy Berry

Learn to knit! Join Kathy to learn all the basics and make a simple beginner project. Learn how to cast on and bind off, knit and purl, how to read a pattern, and how to choose the right needles and yarn for your projects.

Crochet Market Bag

Ashley Gibbons

Sunday, April 19th 12-4pm

$60.00+HST plus materials (materials cost will vary)

Details coming soon.

Stranded Knitting

Harry Potter Mittens

Tiffany MIller

$60.00 +HST plus materials

Wednesday evening, April – with a follow up class to be chosen with the group.

With a number of patterns to choose from, this will be a really fun class. Make a pair of beautiful stranded knit mittens.

Shawl Knit-a-long

Team Leader: Heliina Murray

Pattern: Akemi by Isabell Kraemer (available on Ravelry)

Beginning Saturday, February 1st 12:00pm 

Free to join, please purchase your yarn from Olives and Bananas Wool Shop

Join this knitting group and make a shawl. The hope of knit-a-longs are to create working groups that will encourage each other and help each other work through a project.

Yarn requirements: 900 yards/800m fingering weight

Needles: 4mm circular, 40″

Stitch markers and row counter if desired. Basics

Postponed until the new year. Date TBA

$30.00 + HST

Instructor: Heliina Murray

Introduction to using – the essential knitting and crochet website.

Bring your laptop, tablet, or phone and learn how to navigate Ravelry’s database of patterns, yarns, and designers. Learn how to upload your projects and photos to use the site to its full potential.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact, through Facebook message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358


Coming again soon!:

Wonderful Wool

IMG_1156Instructor: Jen Huhta of Roses & Purls Fibre Art

Price: $80 including materials and provide small samples.

Even non-spinners know that most yarn is made of wool, and that it comes from sheep. But did you know just how many types of sheep there are? Or how many ways you can prepare their fibre, and how it affects the final yarn? Have you ever wondered what’s involved in taking wool from the sheep to the sweater?

Join Jen from Roses & Purls for a hands-on class exploring wool in all its glory. We’ll explore the difference between long, fine, and medium wool classes by handling examining washed fibre samples of each. You’ll learn the different characteristics of each class, how they’re best spun, and what they’re best used for.

Wonder what the difference is between top, roving, batts, and rolags? We’ll talk about the different ways wool is prepared for spinning (from the lock, carded, and combed) and examine samples of each. We’ll discuss how the type of fibre preparation affects your choice of spinning technique and the finished yarn.

Curious about “spinning in the grease?” Find out what it is (and what it isn’t), why you might want to try it, and what the benefits are.

And of course, want to know how to get your hands on all of these fibre types? I’ll share my tips on how not to get fleeced buying spinning fibre.

Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate

Equipment needed: spindle or spinning wheel that you are comfortable

Build Your Own Spindle and Learn to Spin ~ ALL AGES

Will be offered again soon!IMG_0959

$65.00+HST (all materials included)

Build a top whorl drop spindle and learn to spin! (For children)

$60.00+HST materials included

Join us and learn how to build your own drop spindle, then use it to turn fibre into yarn!
Students will learn:

  • what spinning is and what yarn is used for
  • how twist adds strength to fibre and transforms it into yarn
  • where fibre comes from, and see and touch a variety of fibres used to create yarn.

Students will build a basic spindle from the materials supplied and will use it to create a single ply yarn.

Experience level: beginner
Prerequisites: none
Equipment needed:none
Limited to 4-6 students; parents may attend with their child to observe.
Please notify instructors of any allergies prior to class.

To register for workshops, or for more information please contact or through Facebook, Instagram message, or call the shop at 807-622-3358